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Striptease Valentine’s Special: Self-Seduction Workshop with Rain

They say there is no true love without self-love, we say there is no seduction without self-seduction!

In this Valentine we invite you to direct all your loving sexy energy to the most important person in the room – you ♥.

We will learn to re-fall in love with ourselves, empower our inner goddess and celebrate our own beauty and sensual body for the sole pleasure of our own.

When we direct our energy inwards rather than outward amazing magic happens – we learn that there is no need to be watched or be approved by anyone else, our beauty lies in our own pleasure experience. And when the beauty shines from within it radiates tenfold out!

Whether you have a partner or not, self-seduction is a great way to wake up your sensual energy and self-appreciation. You will feel every cell of your body radiating with joy, and if you do have someone around they will be delighted by this joy as well 🙌🏽

In this class we will learn a follow-along slinky choreo as well as improvisation and sensual movement tools.

What you will need:

- Make sure you have a mirror available. The bigger the better - in this dance the audience is YOU! (Camera can be on or off)

- If you wish to keep your camera on – make sure to wear a few layers. Otherwise you are free to make your own personal wardrobe choice ;)

- Some suggestions: sexy wear, high heels, long socks or your favorite pajamas. Wear whatever turns YOU on!

- You do NOT need a dance partner, but if you want your partner to participate invite them to only join only at the very end or after the class is over.

- Optional: create a sweet and cozy temple - clear and dedicate a space only meant for you. Set some candles, light incents, meditate...prepare whatever makes you feel the most relaxed and sensual self.

DATE 13.02.2021

TIME 15:00-16:00

WHERE Online via Zoom!

Click here to join our valentine's special directly

Get ready for high dosage of self-love, sensuality and delicious slinky flows.

Looking forward to share with you the incredible energy of self love and seduction 🖤

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