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Pole Combo Tutorial with Kaya Zakrzewska

Learn a full pole combo online - demonstrated and broken down to details by our lovely Kaya. This combo has been taught in our recent Intermediate level classes, however experienced beginners can also give it a go. Try it at home or save the video and try it in our open training!

To prepare for the combo make sure to warm up properly: focus on the shoulders, arms and wrists, as well as your back (twists) and hips.

We will come into a twisted grip in this combo, so make sure you've warmed up and opened your shoulders accordingly.

All instructions are shown in the video - you can always click pause if you need longer time to read or understand.

Expert tip: make sure to push the floor away and pull yourself high enough as you go into your back knee hook. You don't wanna end up too close to the floor as you enter the ballerina shape!

Have fun and always train both sides :-)

P.S. Did you give it a try? Let us know in the comments how it went! To learn similar combos you can join Kaya's intermediate level tricks class every Friday 18:00-19:00

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