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It's our Birthday month 🎈

and we wanna celebrate with you! It’s almost hard to believe how fast time goes by – this May we are celebrating 6 (!) years of pole, love and creation in our lovely space and with our lovely community of pole flow-ers.

Over the years we have gone through many transformations, growing and evolving into our best selves!

Quite honestly when I first started Pole Flow about 6 years ago I had little to zero clue of what I was doing. I never learnt business, I never even finished a BA and I definitely didn’t know Instagram :D

What I did know was that I have a strong passion to (pole) dance, and moreover an intense desire to share this love with as many incredible humans as possible. My heart was set to building a community of pole dance lovers, a place where everyone feels welcome and can discover their creative, playful and sensual selves. Pole changed my life and allowed to grow into the person that I am today – and I wanted to give that chance to whoever feels called for it.

Thank you for taking part in our journey and growing with us! YOU are what makes our hard work count, YOU are the reason why we keep going and why we constantly strive to evolve more and more.

To celebrate with us this month we invite all NEW or RETURNING* students to get to know or hop back into our classes with a special online trial offer of 6 classes for just 60€ (that’s right, just 10€ a class!). You are welcome to join us for Flexibility, Pole, Burlesque, Sensual Flow and Chair Dance classes, all offered online and by a our amazing team of instructors. We are looking forward to meet you and flow with you soon! To get the offer click our link in bio and choose ‘6Flow’ at check out. Ya!

*Students who have been to Pole Flow before but not since 01.05.2019

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