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6 ways to Brass monkey + mini pole challenge

Did you know there are more ways to get into brass monkey than the fingers on your right hand? Guess what ;) Watch here to learn 6 of them ⚡️

Brass monkey is a fun and useful pole position to get to know and feel comfortable in 👋🏽

To keep you motivated to try it we’ve created a mini challenge with a rewarding prize 🎁

To participate:

🐒 GO to our recent IG post

🐒COMMENT below anything with the word ‘’monkey’’

🐒TRY at least ONE of the entries and record it

🐒SHARE your entry, TAG us @poleflowberlin and use the hashtag #brassmonkeyflowchallenge when you post it (make sure your account is public for this week so we are all able to see it)

Make your video stand out with a freestyle flow before/after your brass monkey! ✨

We will reward 2 chosen participants with two FREE online sessions with us 💓

Looking forward to see all your monkeys! 🐵

Play safe and have fun 💛

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