Pole Flow Berlin was established 2015 in Berlin, Neukölln.

Our studio was created with the intention of sharing the many physical, as well as mental, benefits of pole dance to the public - in a fun approachable way.

We truly believe that pole dance can deeply transform your view about fitness, the relationship with your body and the limits of your spirit.

In this perhaps unusual way of training, the physicality of our bodies is challenged in many surprising ways, and we discover that with regular training we can achieve what may have seemed at first completely impossible.

At Pole Flow Berlin we try to encourage our students to work with their body under its own conditions in a friendly sustainable way.

In addition to our technique and fitness classes, we offer our students a variety of 'FLOW' classes, in which we put all the elements together into a complete dance routine.

We try to keep our studio plan as affordable as possible, while still maintaining very high level of proficiency from our crew members and teachers.

The safety and progress of our students is at our highest priority, and we are always open to receive feedback and special requests from our flow members.

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Pole Flow Berlin

Ziegrastraße 11, 

12057 Berlin


WhatsApp: +4915202908209


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