Booking &Hygiene Rules - Covid 19

In order to prevent infection and to maintain the health of our students and team you are kindly asked to follow the next guidelines:

0. BOOKING THE CLASS: please book the class online and provide your most used email address for further contact. To avoid cash payments please pay for your visit per bank transfer or PayPal. Please note -  due to the small group restrictions: USC members are now requested to add an extra payment of 5€ for each class visit (cash)

*We understand not all members are financially able to pay the full additional fee: if this applies to you please let us know - you will be able to add as much as your capacity allows. Any support helps up keep the classes running during this challenging time.


1. ARRIVING: Please come already dressed in your training clothes. Our changing room may not be used, but you can use the toilets and sink. Please bring your personal towel to dry your hands. Bring an additional small towel to clean your pole during the class. Please arrive on time for the class and leave the studio directly after the end of the course. 

For any inquiries with the teacher or host before/after the class please keep 1.5m distance and use mouth/nose mask.

Avoid joining the class if you have any symptoms such as coughing, fever or sneezing;

or if you have been in contact with another person with symptoms or illness in the last two weeks. 

Wash your hands with soap before the class for at least 30s, and dry them with your personal towel.


2. DURING THE CLASS: avoid close contact with other participants or the teacher. Every pole is at a minimum of 2m apart. You are required to clean your pole during the class with a personal towel. Disinfectant sprays will be provided.  The poles may not be shared during the class (one person per pole). Hands-on corrections or spotting are not allowed.



3. AFTER THE CLASS: to allow the entrance of the participants of the next class please leave directly after class you have taken is over.

We would love to hug and hang with you much longer but we need to stay patient :) 

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