How do I sign up?

You can use our online booking system  here. If you are not sure which level you need feel free to ask us!

How do I find your Studio?

Our Studio is now in Ziegrastr. 11, 12057 Berlin. If you come with S-Bahn, you go down in S-Sonnenalle, then go across the bridge and left onto Ziegrastraße. Walk straight until Ziegrastr. 11 (NOT 13!), then turn right. You should also find a small sign dirceting to ''Pole Flow Berlin''. Our building is after about 150m (you should also find a sign to our studio on the front of the building). There go up the 1. floor and we're right there from the left side :-)

Auf Deutsch:

Wie finde ich euer Studio? Unser Studio ist in der Ziegrastr. 11 , 12057 Berlin. Wenn du mit der S-Bahn kommst nimmst du den Ausgang Richtung Sonnenbrücke, gehst über die Brücke und biegst dann links in die Ziegrastraße ein. Diese läufst du geradeaus bis zur Ziegrastraße 11 (NICHT 13!). Dort solltest du an der Hauswand ein kleines Schild sehen auf dem "Pole Flow Berlin" steht. Drehe dich nach rechts und laufe weiter bis du nach etwa 150m auf der linken Seite unser Gebäude erreichst (an der Eingangstür hängt ebenfalls ein Schild). Unser Studio befindet sich in der ersten Etage auf der linken Seite.

What should I bring to class?

Comfortable sport pants for the warm up, shorts for the pole practice, a small towel and some water. On the day you pole dance avoid using body lotions, oils or hand creme. Shoes are only necessary for Exotic Pole classes (ask us where to get professional heels!)

How often should I train?

We recommend at the beginning at least 2 times a week, with combination of pole, strength and flexibility training.

I'm not so flexible. Can I still pole dance?

YES! only babies are born flexible ;) We will build it up. As much as flexibility helps pole tricks look nicer and more impressive, most of them you can also do without any extraordinary flexibility skills. Nevertheless we highly recommend taking flexibility classes to improve the range of your movement and stay fit.


I'm not that strong. Can I still pole dance?

Of course! Strength is built gradually. You might not start strong but you will notice how your body gradually becomes stronger and more in control. We also highly recommend taking in addition to pole dance classes, also 'Pole fit' for strength training.

I'm not so skinny. Can I still pole dance?

 YES! Actually a little 'skin' on the pole is very helpful. Pole dance is for EVERY size and shape. Try and see for yourself!

I'm not 16. Can I still pole dance?

YES! You can always start and enjoy the benefits of pole dance. Any age is welcome!

I'm a man. Can I still pole dance?

Of course! We are more than happy to see men in our classes. You could focus more on power moves, or find your inner goddess in our exotic dance classes ;) Same applies for Girls!

I keep sliding from the pole! Am I doing something wrong?

Gripping well to the pole requires strength as well as technique. The more you come to classes and train, the more your grip will develop and you will be able to support yourself better on the pole. That being said, there are different grip aid materials we do recommend in special conditions. You can check the full list here

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