Pole Dance (Beginner, Intermediate)

each class consists of a comprehensive warm up, pole tricks and flow technique learning,  than combining tricks through dance combination and to finish an extensive cool down and stretching. Here you can improve your strength, coordination and flow, while expanding your pole-movement Repertoire and later use it to construct your own personal style.


Intro to Intermediate level (Beginner/Intermediate)

this class is designed for experienced beginners who would like to challenge their abilities and prepare for intermediate level classes. If you have been taking beginners classes for a while, feeling strong and ready to work on your inverts, knee hooks etc - this class is for you!

Highly recommended for experienced beginners who would like to advance to the next level, as well as intermediate level polers interested in refining their skills and getting better control in more advanced routines. 

Pole Flow (all levels) 

pole flow class is based on a fusion of dance technique, basic principles of pole dance and artistic interpretation of the music and rhythm. After a deep warm-up we will work on different moves, pole tricks and transitions which will be put together into a routine.  The style of dance differs from 'flowy' & sensual  to quick and dynamic.

This class is open for all levels (basic knowledge is required), and concentrates on the fluidity of movement, musicality and performance.


Exotic Pole Flow (all levels)

let yourself go from prejudice and stigma and enjoy the wonderful world of exotic sensual movement! Exotic flow combines strong elements from exotic Russian style, as well as slinky sensual movements inspired by old-school "stripper style" pole dancing. 

Here you can improve the flow  of your movement on/off the pole, discover your inner Diva and also maybe burn a few calories along the way ;)

High-heels (or socks instead) as well as knee pads are  recommended


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Contemporary Pole Flow (all levels)

in this class you will learn a detailed pole choreography - we will work from step one and break down the routine over the course of 3-4 weeks. You can always join in between but we recommend to come regularly!

By repeating a dance sequence for a longer period of time you are able to improve your coordination, stamina and fluidity on/off the pole.

This class is beginner friendly as well as for open level

Flexibility for Pole & Aeriel (all levels)

Pole dance and other similar Aeriel arts (silks, hoop, rope, etc!) require a good amount of range of motion (flexibility) as well as the strength to control it.

If you are dreaming of getting your splits and beautiful back-bends (injury free!) this is the class for you!

We will use PNF techniques as well as active stretching to achieve results fast and safely. You will learn stretching exercises that you can (and are encouraged) to practice at home. The class will increase overall flexibility, with focus changing from splits (sides/front) to back-bends.

Stretching regularly is highly recommended to prevent injury, increase your progress on the pole or your other apparatuses, and maintain a long term practice.

All levels welcome!

Open Training (intermediate/advanced)

your chance to practice the tricks you are working on and improve your personal weak points!

A professional pole instructor is always present during open training.

Recommended for intermediate level Polers


Personal Training

1 on 1

You can choose to have personal training with any of our team of instructors, with focus on pole (from beginner to advanced level), flexibility or strength training.

Contact us for more information!


All classes are given in English / German

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